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Michael Liu, the creator of the highlighted project Twilight Villa by Michael Liu illustrates, Situating at a peak in Kowloon, this detached house is built against the mountain and occupies an area of over 3,500sq.ft. Its owner is a property investor who wishes to entirely renew this old and shabby house with a property age of over 30 years into a fashionable but plainly attractive dwelling within a limited budget, so as to attract buyers who pursue a harmonious home. Due to the limitation of budget, the customer simply put forward some basic requirements: having refined plainness and sporadic fascination as the basis of the design. Based on these expectations, the designer comes up with an overall designing strategy -- drawing in the outdoor natural scenery and adopting specially chosen colors in order to enhance the plain interior space. After confirming the proposed design, a three-dimensional diagram with the ratio 1:1 is used to illustrate the designing outcome, materials chosen as well as the coloring and lightening effect, so that the customer can thoroughly grasp the final outcome. Upon a few alterations concerning the material used raised by the customer, the whole project was finished within five months. The designer deliberately removes the wall of the kitchen on G/F and adopts an open-style design with the dining room and the kitchen combined to create a greater sense of spaciousness and cohesiveness. A wall of the sitting room aside the open kitchen is painted sharp pink, making it the highlight for the whole dining area. A full-height sliding and folding glass door is installed in the living room on 1/F. When it is fully opened, the view of the outdoor garden can be completely drawn into the interior, forming a perfect unity. To further enhance the sense of nature, the wall behind a low cabinet putting beside the white wall for the television is especially painted bright green, and a custom peach-blossom-pattern label specially made in Canada is stuck on the white wall so as to balance the contrast between the bright green and the white, creating a living room with exclusive fascination. The guest room on 2/F follows the overall designing concept as well. The wall of the bathroom is made of glass so that while using the bathroom, the user can enjoy the wonderful mountainous scenery outside at the same time. Originally, there is a corridor on 3/F separating the master room into a washroom and another guest room. The designer restructures the whole area, combining the study with the cloakroom, the bathroom and the bedroom, so that the user can enjoy unique privacy within a single space. This simple yet fashionable home demonstrated a sense of originality with supreme uniqueness. .

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