Snowflake Vodka-Vodka Bottle by Adrian Munoz

Adrian Munoz Spotlights The Snowflake Vodka Vodka Bottle

Adrian Munoz, the project leader of the awarded design Snowflake Vodka by Adrian Munoz explicates, I got inspired by the simplicity and in the same time complexity of a snowflake. Most of the time we just pass through life without even notice all the beauty and complexity of things around us. Nature is full of simple things but one you start paying attention, you realise that those simple thing are far more complex than you thought. That was the start of my design, to try to interpret and create a new shape for a bottle in completly adequacy with nature. Just like in nature when we zoom in at a complex forms that might seen arbitrary to the eye, we discover a geometric pattern..

Snowflake Vodka-Vodka Bottle by Adrian Munoz Images:


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